Prophecy by Dr. Ed Dufresne on July 30th, 2013

He began by holding Dr. Mitch and saying, "I bless you with what I have." He then laid his hands on Dr. Jan and said, " I bless you with what I have."
Dr. Dufresne began to prophecy to both on the floor, "You will explode, and you will grow, and go. This place will explode with growth, where no one would come. This place will bless people from all over the world. The wealth of the sinner, in the trees, in the bushes, in the groves, from the farmer's. It will begin to start pouring in, and you will start doing more then you ever done before financially, sayeth the Lord." While walking away he said, "surely it will come to pass."

Prophecy by Dr. Nancy Dufresne on December 19th, 2013

She began by praying in the Holy Spirit and then said, " There's going to be ministers that God's going to bring you into contact with, and He's going to put the answer that they need for their future in your mouth, and those who have be discouraged and quit, or gotten sidetracked and distracted, and have gone a less effective route. They will be rescued from going that wrong direction, because God will supernaturally (that's it) wisdom, the mantel of wisdom that comes upon you, to have, to have the answers, yes for your own congregation but even other ministers, that will be hurting. God will send the words of wisdom in your mouth to rescue them. We thank you for it, and it shall come to pass."


Prophecy by Pastor Jan Keys on August 6, 2017 10:30 a.m.

If you would just yearn after Me the way I yearn after you, saith the Lord. You wouldn’t be so easily swayed and so easily moved and so easily distracted. If you would get your eyes and your focus on Me and come up, come up, come up to a higher realm, come up to the realm where I dwell. You’d see that in that realm all things are possible, all things are possible, in that realm there’s no limit, there’s no limitation, there’s no distraction, there’s nothing that can keep you from receiving all that I’ve already provided for you. But you’re gonna have to come up, your gonna have to come up, because I won’t come down. I’ve already been down, I sent My Son to come down and to walk among you and dwell among you, and to change the things in the natural realm to appear to be the way they should be in the spiritual realm. So, you’re gonna have to come up now because I’ve already came down. So now it’s time for you to come up, you want Me to walk where you walk, but no I won’t walk where you walk. My Son already did that for you He did that for you so that you can have victory, now you need to walk where I walk, and I walk in a higher realm, and you’ve been invited to that higher realm. In fact, you’ve been given a birth right to that higher realm you just have to receive it, and if you’ll receive it then you won’t be moved by what you see in the natural realm, and you’ll experience the miracles, and the signs and the wonders, and the manifestations, and the demonstrations, saith the Lord, hallelujah.

Prophecy by Dr. Nancy Dufresne on December 9, 2017

Divine momentum in 2018 for this Church Family, DIVINE MOMENTUM upon the Pastors and upon this Church Family, DIVINE INCREASE. We thank you for it Father, but we refuse to stay where we were in 2017. We thank you for what you brought us into in 2017, but that is not our stopping place. We reach into more and we thank you Father for the MOMENTUM to ACCELERATE at a great rate. We thank you for it Father, in Jesus Name, Amen.